We supply a support system for the TUBEdek® lamella separators which minimizes sludge deposits and disadvantageous turbulences.

TUBEdek® Support System (click to enlarge)

How does the support system look like?

The GRP beams are positioned under the side walls of the settling channels. The distance of the beams is designed accordingly. Up to a module width of 1.4 m usually 2 beams are sufficient, for a module width of more than 1.4 m 3 beams have to be used.

Load of the beams

The beams can bear a high load of more than 1000 kg. When doing the static design, the operation weight (the own weight of the system + water and sludge load) in case of a drained tank has to be considered. This might reach approx. 100 kg/m³ for drinking water applications or even up to 200 kg/m³ for sewage and basically depends on proper maintenance. In consequence the customer has to give his input requirements for the load design. We deliver the complete support system with GRP-beams, the appropriate fixing system including brackets made of different materials as well as the fixings to horizontal main beam.

GRP Beams:

Standard length 3 m – other lengths on request.
Resin: UP
Weight: 3.5 kg/m

Drawing of GRP-Beam (click to enlarge)

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