SKR sedimentation tanks offer ready to connection units for sedimentation of solids out of liquids by the out-standing sedimentation properties of the TUBEdek® lamella clarifiers.

Top view on SKR Tank Unit

The SKR tanks can be adjusted to specific requirements by choosing

  • Tank size
  • Flange size for inlet, effluent and sludge removal
  • Projected sedimentation area depending on type of TUBEdek®

Circular Tanks with Circular Frame Support

MaterialPP or PE
Diameterup to 3.4 m
TUBEdek®FS 41.50 / FS 41.84
Lamella height750, 800, 1000 mm
Height of TUBEdek Module H = 1 m
TypeInner diameterWidthTotal heightNet weight with TUBEdekTotal weightVolume Waterprojected sedimentation area
(m)(m)(m)( m2FS41.84 m2
SKR10- 171.851.452.725050504.8020.411.1
SKR10- 262.21.703.05907590731.016.9
SKR10- 352.51.963.3810104109.641.622.7
SKR10- 462.82.213.59001340012.546.025.1
SKR10- 583.12.473.81350173501658.331.8
SKR10- 723.42.724.01760217602072.439.5
Height of TUBEdek Module H =0,8 m
SKR08- 151.851.452.522044204.217.89.7
SKR08- 222.21.702.855068506.326.514.5
SKR08- 302.51.963.174094408.735.219.2
SKR08- 392.82.213.37301193011.4239.021.3
SKR08- 493.12.473.614601596014.549.226.8
SKR08- 603.42.723.81650196501860.733.1
Height of TUBEdek Module H =0,75 m
SKR07- 101.451.172.016026602.5106.3

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