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We offer many different fill media structures and surfaces that are constantly optimized and developed further. This allows the adaptation of the fill to the specific water quality in the cooling circuit and thus improves the efficiency of your cooling process.

Our offer comprises:

Fills for counter-flow cooling towers

The high cooling capacity of our PLASdek® film-type fills is achieved due to their well-known cross-fluted structure. This structure allows an intensive mix of cooling water and air flow and together with the specific surface area of the fill, is one of the prerequisites for a high cooling performance. Depending on the type of configuration we have specific surface areas between 100 and 243 m²/m³ available. Our fill types with vertical orientation of the channels minimize deposits on the surface. In applications with extremely poor water quality we recommend the use of our splashtype fills or grid-media which are designed to facilitate disassembly and cleaning. Specific surface areas range between 70 and 125 m²/m³.

Fills for cross-flow cooling towers
We offer special cross-flow fill design with louvre and integrated drift eliminator sections adaptable to all existing cross-flow cooling towers.

Drift eliminators
Our cellular drift eliminators in PP and PVC offer high separation efficiency and are suitable for the use in small and medium sized cooling towers. The profile drift eliminator is suitable for use in large cell cooling towers as well as in natural draft cooling towers. All these drift eliminators are EUROVENT certified.

Splash and trickle fills
High stability and an easy and economical installation are important features of our PLASdek® splash and trickle fills. Built from mechanically joined grids they are easily cleaned and especially suited for medium to strongly polluted cooling water. Our high performance grid packings provide an optimized pressure drop. Available in various measures and materials, such as flame retardant Polypropylene (PP), high temperature PP or the special SANIPACKING PP, our grid can be adapted to a wide range of requirements.

Antilegionella components – SANIPACKING®
In many countries the problem of Legionella pneumophila bacteria in the cooling water requires special attention. For such cases we have developed SANIPACKING® fills and drift eliminators that inhibit the growth of bacteria on the biggest product surface of a cooling tower.

Air inlet louvres and spray nozzles
Our product portfolio is completed with air inlet louvres in different designs as well as a wide range of spray nozzles.

Advantages of PLASdek® Fills
• Cross-fluted fills for high cooling capacity
• Vertical flow fills for high fouling applications
• Fills for cross-flow cooling towers in blocks for quick and
easy installation
• Flexibility in dimensions, available in PP and PVC

Advantages of PLASdek® Drift Eliminators
• High efficiency
• Low pressure-drop
• Flexibility in dimensions, available in PP and PVC
• Different stability grades

Engineering Support
Beside other factors the performance of a cooling tower depends on the right choice of components. We help you choose the right fill or fill combination and drift eliminators, taking into account the water quality, situation on-site, ease of maintenance, weather resistance and noise emissions. Our advice is based on long-term research and development and data collected from our own test cooling tower as well as close collaboration with university and research institutes.

Planning software
We use proprietary planning software to find the optimal thermodynamic design of your cooling tower components. This tool helps to find the best configuration of fills, fill combinations and drift eliminators. Every solution we propose is unique because every element – treatment processes, media, products and infrastructure – is customized to deliver the client’s performance and productivity objectives.

Environmental-friendly on-site welding
For the on-site welding we rent the welding equipment and ship it to the building site. For bigger projects we use a container equipped with two welding machines. This presents an easy and time-saving way to produce the blocks. The only requirements from the customer’s side are the local workers, a hard standing area for the erecton of a tent, sufficient space to receive the foils and sufficient space to store the assembled modules.

In comparison to gluing, the welding technology is environmentally friendly and protects the health of the workers, as no adhesives and thus no solvents need to be used.

The advantages besides the above mentioned aspects: Cost saving transport as the extruded foils are shipped in a space-saving manner. Local workers carry out the welding process on-site, thus savings in labor costs are achieved. Our ENEXIO supervisor can help to start the machines, optimize the performance, as well as teach and train the local workers.
Our on-site-welding machines provide the same quality as the machines in our production facility. The strength of our bonding method – up to 20.000 sealing points per cubic meter create strong modules – is certified by accredited test laboratories, for example by TÜV, the German Technical Inspection Agency.

We offer innovative components and solutions for sustainable processes in heat exchange, water and wastewater treatment and mass transfer applications with respect for the environment. Our professional team works to increase productivity and cost effectiveness in your unique application. If you need a tailor made solution ... We are available for you!