Schematic drawing of a typical trickling filter installation – showing positioning of cross and vertical flow media for roughing and fine cleaning of waste water

Biological Waste Water Treatment with high performance fills

Economic Biofilm processes and low energy consumption

No matter whether you plan a new construction, modernization, or replacement of your plant: The main focus when choosing a biological waste water treatment system is on cost efficiency and low energy consumption.

Structured packings like BIOdek® as fill media are an appropriate and high-quality solution. They are far superior to filters with mineral media (stone-/gravel beds) or plants with costly random media. We offer structured fills in different variations that align with your individual needs in regard to your plant and processes. Cross-structured BIOdek® fills offer a bigger available surface and are specifically designed for the maximization of the process efficiency. Vertically structured fills optimize the flow and the sludge discharge of biological processes. They can be used for high loads with an expected high biomass growth. The design of the BIOdek® product line stands for easy operation of the biological waste water treatment and requires little energy, supervision and low investment costs.

Therefore, BIOdek® is the ideal solution for:

  • New constructions – minimal space requirement
  • Retrofits – replacement of mineral fills or random media to optimize the performance of existing plants
  • Industrial applications – compliance with stricter requirements of waste water regulations or treatment of bigger waste water flow and dirt loads
Water treatment | Trickling filter with 2H BIOdek® fill media and rotary distributor spraying water

Biological waste water treatment with a maximum of economic efficiency

Municipal and industrial waste water is treated cost-efficiently and economically with our BIOdek® plastic fills. The open and even structure as well as the high-efficient surface of BIOdek® allow bigger organic and hydraulic loads of trickling filters or bio reactors (submerged and aerated) than conventional fills. They can be used with low space requirements as well, can be installed as retrofit and meet all stricter requirements by waste water regulations or allow the treatment of higher water throughput and dirt loads. Thus they offer a variety of advantages compared to conventional fills. Use the fill media to reduce BOD, to obtain low ammoniac concentration during nitrification, or denitrification. With biological waste water treatment, ENEXIO counts on great economic efficiency for many areas and sectors.

ENEXIO fills for every biofilm process

Our efficient and innovative BIOdek® fills are made out of foils of different material thickness – depending on the requirements. Combined with the enhanced and double folded edges you will receive self-supporting fill media with a high load capacity. BIOdek® fills can be packed to heights from 1,8m to 7,2m depending on the application. We will gladly carry out cut-outs as well. As an experienced company in the area of biofilm processes our great expertise allows us to comply completely with customer demands. High quality and customer-oriented services as well as the consideration of ecological aspects are a matter of course for us. Our BIOdek® fill media of the are available in polypropylene (PP) and polyvinylchloride (PVC).

Easy installation on-site and cost-efficient transportation for your biological waste water treatment

If you want to use our BIOdek® fills for biological waste water treatment simply contact us and together we will develop a solution for your process. The assembly is done on site by a welding process that is easy to handle. The individual components can be transported in a cost- and space-saving way. When handling PP-products, the efficient welding process offers a variety of advantages, in regards to health and security as well. Our specialty is demonstrated in a high design competence, industry-leading products as well as our international experience with customers in water and exhaust air treatment as well as in the cooling tower business.

Solids separation by lamella clarifiers

For waste water treatment often a pre-treatment is necessary to ensure the efficient settling of the solids. For this, the most economic process is parallel plate sedimentation. Here you will find more information about parallel plate sedimentation.

We offer innovative components and solutions for sustainable processes in heat exchange, water and wastewater treatment and mass transfer applications with respect for the environment. Our professional team works to increase productivity and cost effectiveness in your unique application. If you need a tailor made solution ... We are available for you!