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Time and Temperature Dependent Mechanical Behavior of PP Fills

Published on CTI Biography of Technical Papers – Fills: Mechanical behavior of plastic components are not only dependent on the pure load or load case (e.g. bending vs. pure compression), but also on the loading time and temperature. The impact of these two factors will be discussed in this paper based on different testing results for polypropylene. Additionally a simplified viscoelastic model has been derived from that data to get a general idea for the engineering of plastic fills…


Flame Retardance of Polymer Film Fills

Published on CTI Biography of Technical Papers – Fills: While PVC is long known as a flame retardant polymer, other plastics have the reputation of high flammability. Whereas this is true for standard polyolefin materials, modern polypropylene products with high efficient flame retardant additives can even beat the good fire properties of normal PVC.In this study film fills for cooling towers made of PVC and of a flame retardant PP are tested by several different methods and international standards to evaluate the actual performance of these two materials…


Enhanced safety in five steps

Published on cpp – chemical production plants processes 03-2018 – Optimised Legionella protection for cooling towers: Poorly maintained cooling towers and evaporative condensers, coupled with old pipe systems or boilers, are one of the breeding grounds that can contribute to the spread of Legionella-containing aerosols. Plant operators can significantly reduce this risk in just five steps. The use of anti-bacterial packing materials of the type supplied by Enexio is a key cornerstone here…


Higher Mass Transfer Performance

Published on CHEManager Europe – One of the most important requirements of random or structured mass transfer beds is to provide an as large as possible effective surface for the mass transfer. Among other aspects, the effective surface depends on the interfacial tension between the fluid and the material properties of the surface of the transfer elements. The influence of the interfacial tension on the effective surface has been thoroughly analyzed, and corresponding empirical equations have been set up. It is known that water, in particular, because of its high surface tension wets plastic surfaces very badly. In some fundamental works this fact is sufficiently taken into account by material properties. For film type mass transfer elements in plastic it leads to a calculated degree of wettability of less than 50 % of the possible geometrical surface at usual flow…


German research underway on trickling filter practices

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Published on World Water, vol. 37, issue 5 – Trickling filter technology is one focus of a joint research project – EXPOVAL – funded by the German government that will validate engineering guidelines and optimum conditions for achieving high performance. Poor wastewater treatment is one of the biggest enemies of a safe and sustainable water supply all over the world. Next to frugal handling of existing water resources, the treatment of wastewater, sometimes towards future reuse, is important. Unfortunately, the elusive effects of improving water supply through groundwater recharge or surface water must be weighed against capital cost, cost of energy demand, and other variable costs of wastewater treatment facilities. With the costs per unit of energy…


Mechanical Behavior Of Polymer Fills

Published on CTI Biography of Technical Papers – Fills: This paper will outline the mechanical properties of polymer fills and discuss the influence of different parameters (like design, foil thickness, PP vs PVC) as well as the influence of the boundary in cooling tower surrounding…

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