COLOMBIA – renovation drinking water treatment plant


The plant in Colombia has three sedimentation tanks of which one was to be modified. Its width is separated into four segments of 2,42m width each, its length is broken into three sections. The average length of these sections is about 6,25m. The existing settling plates of the tank that was renovated were damaged and needed to be replaced. Furthermore the performance of the plant was not sufficient.


It was decided to use TUBEdek® type FS41.50-NSF for the project. This TUBEdek® type has a settling area of 11m2/m3 with 60° inclination and is suitable for drinking water and NFS certified. A total tank area of 181,5m² was equipped with TUBEdek®. The already existing support structure had to be re-used and the possibility of TUBEdek® to select the module size variably was a huge benefit. The following module measurements were chosen: Length: 1.25m, Width: 1.22 m und Height: 1.00 m. The profiles were assembled on site which allowed huge savings regarding transportation costs.

Plant in operation (TUBEdek® on the left). Both sides with equal operation time without cleaning after start-up


TUBEdek® allows an optimal design that fully aligns with the individual requirements of the costumer and his plant. The operator of the plant declared that compared to parallel plates, TUBEdek®

  • performs better in case of high turbidity in the circulation
  • needs to be cleaned less often.

Project Starting Date12.01.2016

Project EndIn Progress


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