ENEXIO Fills for cross-flow cooling towers guarantee a high cooling capacity, ensure the operation reliability and allow the optimum adaptation to diverse requirements.

We offer special packings for cross-flow cooling towers that are perfectly adapted to the application. According to the requirements, packings with different channel diameters are being used:

  • HVAC applications: Packings with narrow channels are well suited (e.g., 12 mm)
  • Industrial applications: Packings with medium wide channels are usually used (19 mm)
  • Insufficient water quality: To avoid clogging, we recommend packings with wide channels (27 mm) or trickle fills, for example our type KSN 150.

Installation depths and inclination angle of our cross-flow cooling towers also have to be adjusted to the requirements of the plant and the customer. We offer fill depths of up to 610 mm and we are able to combine different depths to meet any fill depth requirement. Our packings are cut to the angle of inclination required by the cooling tower type.

These are our different types for cross-flow cooling towers:

Type KSN: standard design with different channel widths

Type KSA: enlarged by integrated drift eliminator section

Type KSB: enlarged by integrated air inlet louvres

Type KSN 150: This highly-efficient modular trickle fill is perfectly suited for special applications and dirty water. Is comes with a low risk of clogging and therefore needs to be cleaned less often and shows long service life.

Features of our Fills for Cross-Flow Cooling Towers

  • Optimal heat transfer properties
  • Low pressure drop
  • Fills especially designed for cross-flow cooling towers
  • Fills with integrated inlet louvre and drift eliminator section
  • Easy installation
  • Long service life due to chemical, bacterial and

UV resistance of PP and PVC

  • KSN 150 for dirty water applications

Technische Daten

KSN 612 KSN 619 KSN 627 KSN 150
Material PP PP PP PP
Austauschoberfläche [m²/m³] 240 150 125 80
Wellenhöhe [mm] 12 19 27 20
Max. Höhe vertikal [mm] 2400 2400 2400 2400
Max. Breite [mm] 610 610 594 605
Tiefe [mm] 610 610 610 450
Max. Betriebstemp. [°C] 75 75 75 75
Freies Volumen [%] > 97 > 97 > 97 > 97

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