Our cellular inlet louvres improve the air flow into the cooling tower. They not only hold back unwanted elements (e.g. leaves) but also prevent water splash-out which can cause icing and loss of expensive water and treatment chemicals. Moreover, an inlet louvre restricts the amount of sunlight entering the cooling tower thereby impeding algae growth. Also the tower‘s clean appearance is maintained.

Cellular louvre type

  • Prevents water splash-out
  • Prevents ingress of leaves into the cooling tower
  • Restricts the amount of sunlight into the cooling tower impeding algae growth
  • Low pressure drop
  • Flexibility in material and dimensions allows adaptation to plant requirements according to customer request
  • Long service life due to chemical and UV resistance of PP and PVC


LEP 065 DLC 065 DLPWE 065
Material PP PVC PP (white)
Corrugation height [mm] 18 23 24
Max. height [mm] 2400 2400 2400
Max. width [mm] 700 800 700
Depth [mm] 63 63 63
Max. application temperature [°C] 80 60 80
Additional information Special designs: LEP 065 with additional stiffeners Alternating corrugated and flat sheets Alternating corrugated and flat sheets

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