GEOdek® infiltration boxes store excess stormwater and release it afterwards. Made from Polypropylene, they exhibit exceptional strength and are resistant to all chemicals normally found below ground. GEOdek® can be used under sealed surfaces such as streets and parking lots. 7 standard types cover requirements for different types of loads.

GEOdek® Infiltration box

Natural stormwater infiltration needs uncovered surfaces. The growing number of sealed surfaces increases the risk of flooding and/or poor waste water treatment. One means to prevent those risks are technical infiltration systems like GEOdek® infiltration boxes. During the storm, they collect the water below the covered ground and release it later into the sewage drains.


GEOdek® boxes are available in 7 standard strength types. Their combination in single or multi-layer systems offers great flexibility to cover all requirements with regard to type of traffic load and earth coverage.

Our GEOdek® design program helps our customers to easily choose the appropriate type, allowing economically and ecologically-friendly realization of their projects.

TÜV certified

In addition to in-house tests, the quality and strength of the GEOdek® boxes is independently tested by external institutes like TÜV.


GEOdek® can as well be used for

  • Rainwater harvesting Rainwater harvesting systems with GEOdek® resemble attenuation systems. Tanks can be built without concrete or steel surrounds. An impermeable membrane around the fill structure prevents infiltration.
  • Infiltration of treated effluents For the infiltration of treated effluent from medium and small waste water treatment plants GEOdek® boxes can be used as well.


GEOdek® Type AGEOdek® Type BGEOdek® Type CGEOdek® Type DGEOdek® Type EGEOdek® Type FGEOdek® Type G
Volume weight [kg/m3]27354045506065
Nominal strength (long-term strength) in main load bearing direction, without holes* [kN/m2]38.573.688.4110.0134.6153.6168.7
Nominal strength (long-term strength) in secondary load-bearing direction, without holes* [kN/m2]14.023.731.840.550.169.083.7
Void ratio [%]>97>97>97>97>97>97>97
Color codingwhitegreenredyellowgoldbluesilver
Max. application temp [°C] *80808080808080

* The effects of creep behavior and the required safety values are considered in these data.
the total reduction factor is 2.25.

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