Free-standing separators by ENEXIO – modular and flexible

    Herne, Germany – May 08, 2018 – ENEXIO Water Technologies has expanded its program of free-standing lamella separators by a new model in modular design. Instead of building large and high separators, ENEXIO Water Technologies banks on low modular standard lamella separators, which can be connected in parallel or in series. This saves costs, reduces space requirements immensely and allows for solutions that are custom-tailored to process requirements and local conditions. The new SKT separator models are square, made of plastic, GPR, steel or stainless steel and can be optionally delivered with one or more flocculation tanks, agitators and rabble rakes and all necessary peripherals. Expansion by new modules is possible at any time. The modular design allows flexible responses to changed process requirements.

    • New square separator in modular design (type SKT)
    • Save space and cost
    • Learn more at this year’s IFAT

    In comparison to conventional sedimentation tanks, the free-standing separators require a much smaller installation space – space savings of up to 90% are possible. Further savings result from lighter, smaller foundations and lower transport, installation and maintenance costs. Since sludge drain is done by hydrostatic pressure, usually no pumps are required. That helps saving energy costs.
    Inside the tank, a TUBEdek® parallel plate pack ensures a reliable separation process. The great number of equidistant sedimentation levels of the chevron-shaped channels provides the system with a high hydraulic capacity and support sludge removal.

    The free-standing ENEXIO clarifiers can be used in a variety of applications. To name just a few: in raw water and backwash water treatment, primary and secondary sedimentation, industrial process water treatment, treatment of electroplating wastewater and metal wastewater containing hydroxide.
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