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BESE-Elements® – Room for Nature

Lost ecosystems

A great loss of ecosystems like wetlands, mangroves, coral reefs has been experienced within the last decades. At the same time it was acknowledged that they deliver valuable ecological services for water purification and storage, carbon sequestration and coastal defense.

Solid 3D structure for habitat improvement: BESE-Elements®

Restoration of ecosystems needs artificial structures as starting point. In search of such structures for the recovery of mussel beds, ENEXIO Water Technologies, Bureau Waardenburg and Rodenburg Biopolymers partnered to find an environmentally-friendly solution: A biodegradable three-dimensional solid grid, the BESE-Elements® (Biodegradable EcoSystem Engineering Elements) was developed.

BESE Research Projects

The MERCES project is currently testing whether the success of seagrass restoration measures can be improved by the introduction of mussel beds in BESE-Elements® as part of the restoration of marine ecosystems.

For a more detailed overview of the MERCES project please klick on the following link: MERCES Project

You can find further information on current BESE-Elements® projects here: BESE-Elements case-studies

Project Starting Date01.06.2016

Project EndIn Progress


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