Agridek_Climate System

    Evaporative cooling for effective animal housing climate control

    Brentwood and ENEXIO Water Technologies at EuroTier, 15.-18.11.2022, Hall 17, Booth 17A29

    Hürth(Germany)/Reading (Pennsylvania) – 25 October 2022 – At the EuroTier trade fair in Hanover/Germany (15.-18.11.2022), Brentwood/ENEXIO Water Technologies will be showcasing plastic animal housing climate control solutions that offer livestock farmers a sustainable, energy-efficient means of meeting the challenges of hot summers.

    HUMIPACKING® polypropylene packings deliver enhanced animal housing climate control. They feature an optimized surface and geometry for excellent evaporation and cooling performance. Meanwhile, low air resistance ensures that the cool air can enter the housing effectively. HUMIPACKING® components are highly UV-resistant and are designed to effectively block out light. This durable, sustainable solution with low operating costs improves animal health by optimizing air temperature and humidity in pig and hen housings.

    The AGRIdek climate system is a complete kit consisting of the HUMIPACKING® fill, a sprinkler unit, and the necessary pumps. For easy self-installation, the system is assembled using plug-and-click connectors before the parts are glued in place. The plastic packings are easy to clean, making them suitable for use even with extremely hard water or water with high levels of iron and manganese. AGRIdek’s pumps are maintenance-free and have a filter to prevent any contamination of the water.

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