ENEXIO SANIPACKING® fills reduce the risk of legionellae in wet cooling towers with open circuits

    Herne, Germany – September 27, 2018 – on EuroTier in Hannover (Nov. 13-16, 2018), ENEXIO Water Technologies presents solutions for agricultural technology in Hall 17, Booth D39. The focus is on products for pig sties and chicken coops, including the AGRIdek climate system for ventilation and evaporative cooling, the structured plastic ODORdek packs for gas or bioscrubbers as well as lamella separators for the thickening of raw manure according to the principle of sedimentation. All solutions are based on plastic fills whose lamellar structure or honeycomb size is matched to the respective case of application.

    • ENEXIO Water Technologies presents solutions for poultry keeping and pig farming at EuroTier, Nov. 13-16, Hanover Trade Fair in Hall 17 at Booth D39
    • Exhibits on raw manure thickening, stable air conditioning and exhaust air treatment
    • On-site installation of the voluminous packs reduces logistics and project costs

    To enable long distance transports at a reasonable price, ENEXIO Water Technologies not only provides assembled packs for many applications but also extruded foils that can welded together on site. In comparison to the finished components, the foils usually only take up about one-tenth of the volume. The welding is easy to perform, environmentally friendly and is possible to do without any adhesives or solvents. The requisite welding equipment can be leased from ENEXIO and, on request, an ENEXIO supervisor shows your workers how to use it. Low labour costs in the destination country are frequently another advantage of on-site assembly.

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    Environmentally friendly, inexpensive and easy to execute the welding of the ENEXIO foils into fill packs. If the work can be carried out on site, it is possible to reduce logistics costs significantly, because the foils need only about one-tenth of the area that the assembled packs take up.

    We offer innovative components and solutions for sustainable processes in heat exchange, water and wastewater treatment and mass transfer applications with respect for the environment. Our professional team works to increase productivity and cost effectiveness in your unique application. If you need a tailor made solution ... We are available for you!