ENEXIO and XINFA establish joint venture for fill media production in China

    Herne, Germany/ Shandong, China – August 27, 2018 – With the formal signing of a joint venture agreement in July 2018, the German specialist in water and exhaust air treatment, ENEXIO Water Technologies and China’s largest aluminium processor, XINFA laid the foundations for the first fill media production plant of ENEXIO in China. The new company XINFA-ENEXIO Water Technology Co. Ltd. will produce fill media for power plant cooling towers. These materials, developed by ENEXIO Water Technologies, increase the effective surface area and therefore increase the cooling effect. A production facility is being built on XINFA’s grounds. This new factory is positioned for excellent infrastructure and logistics, especially when it comes to raw material PVC delivery and shipping the finished products to customers across Asia. The aluminium specialist XINFA will act both as manufacturer and consumer, as the Company will also be using the fill media in the cooling towers of its own power plants.

    • A ceremonial contract signing seals the cooperation agreement between ENEXIO Water Technologies and a subsidiary of the Chinese aluminium processing firm XINFA
    • Joint production in China begins with cooling tower fill media for the Asian market
    • Construction of the factory on XINFA grounds creates an excellent base for logistics and sales

    At the contract signing ceremony, attended by Gang Zhang, Chairman of the XINFA Group, and Matthias Schumacher, Member of the ENEXIO Management Board, as well as Peter Althaus, Managing Director of ENEXIO Water Technologies, future plans were already being discussed: “We are proud to be entering into a partnership with such a prestigious Chinese company, and we see tremendous potential for the future. Possible ideas include the expansion of production to fill media for other areas of application, such as water and waste water treatment”, said Matthias Schumacher. Gang Zhang added: “I am convinced that the fill media will be popular on the Asian market. Regional production and our sales experience will make a key contribution to increasing customer acceptance and helping the joint venture achieve success quickly.”

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    Present at the formal signing of the joint venture agreement were (from left to right): Pu Zhao, Director of the International Liaison Department at XINFA; Hengjun Shi, Director of the Purchasing Department at XINFA; Qi Jia, General Manager of the Purchasing Department at XINFA; Stephan Jakobs, Head of Sales (Global) at ENEXIO Water Technologies; Gang Zhang, Chairman of the XINFA Group; Matthias Schumacher, Global Head of Service and Member of the Management Board of ENEXIO; Peter Althaus, Managing Director of ENEXIO Water Technologies, and Chaozan Li, Head of ENEXIO CHINA Region.

    About XINFA

    The XINFA Group, founded in 1972, owns and operates power plants, aluminium oxide refineries and an aluminium smelting plant in the province of Shandong.
    The XINFA Group was designated the first “resource-sparing and environmentally friendly” pilot company by the Chinese Ministry for Industry and Information Technology, the Ministry for Science and Technology and the Ministry of Finance in 2011. The Group has also won further awards and titles of honour, including the award of “National Energy Saving and Consumption Reduction Advanced Unit”.
    Further information can be found at www.xinfagroup.com.cn

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