Generally, every cross fluted fill could be cut to be installed in a cross-flow cooling tower. Such a fill, however, would not perfectly fit the requirements; we therefore developed a special range of fill for this type of tower (FX12.12 or KSN with a drift eliminator section KSA and air inlet louvre section KSB).

Installation depths (air travel distance) and inclination vary with each brand of cooling tower. We offer fill depths of 300 and 600 mm. Combinations of these allow different installation depths (e.g. 300 + 600 = 900 mm). In most crossflow cooling towers the fills are vertically installed at a certain angle (e.g. 10°). Our cross-flow cooling tower fills are cut to the required angle of inclination upon customer request.

Blocks with the integral drift eliminators (KSA) must be installed at the air outlet side (inside of the tower). The straight channels are directed upwards in the direction of flow. Our fills have been shown to meet all drift eliminator requirements at air speeds between 1 and approx. 3.5 m/s. To avoid any risk when operating above this air speed, it is suggested an extra drift eliminator be installed at a distance of 300 mm behind the KSA fill. The best type for this purpose is the TEP 130 drift eliminator. Blocks with the integral air inlet louvre (KSB) must be installed at the air inlet side of the tower. The straight channels are directed downwards in the direction of flow. Depending on installation depth in the cooling tower, a KSN type fill can be installed between KSA and KSB fill (see sketch).

Installation example

Technical Data

KSN 612 KSN 619 KSN 627
Material PP PP PP
Specific surface height [m²/m³] 240 150 125
Corrugation height [mm] 12 19 27
Max. installation height [mm] 2200 2200 2200
Max. width [mm] 600 600 600
Installation depth [mm] 300 / 600 300 / 600 300 / 600
Max. application temp. [°C] 75 75 75
Void ratio [%] > 97 > 97 > 97

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