Brentwood and ENEXIO Water Technologies at IFAT 2022

    Brentwood and ENEXIO Water Technologies at IFAT 2022 Munich Trade Fair Centre – May 30 to June 3, 2022 – Stand A1.153 and A1.332

    Hürth(Germany)/Reading (Pennsylvania) – May 16, 2022 – At the IFAT 2022 trade show, ENEXIO Water Technologies and Brentwood Industries will present products for water and wastewater treatment, exhaust air purification and stormwater management. This is the companies’ first major joint trade show appearance since Brentwood Industries acquired ENEXIO Water Technologies at the beginning of the year.

    At booth A1.332, visitors will get an insight into the modern trickling filter technology of ENEXIO Water Technologies and can find out about sedimentation processes with lamella separators, among other things. At booth A1.153, there will be a focus on sludge removal. Brentwood will present some improved components for the Polychem sludge scrapers for simplified monitoring and maintenance.

    As a member of the German Water Partnership, ENEXIO Water Technologies will also be exhibiting again at its stand in Hall B2 – Stand 227/326.

    Interview with Clinton McCorkle, Senior Vice President of Brentwood Industries, on IFAT 2022

    Mr. McCorkle, at IFAT 2022, Brentwood Industries and ENEXIO Water Technologies will be exhibiting at different booths in Hall A1. Is there a particular reason for this spatial separation?

    McCorkle: No, we would very much have liked to present ourselves as a group of companies at a joint, large stand. But the takeover of ENEXIO Water Technologies by Brentwood Industries did not take place until the beginning of 2022, so the stand areas were already booked. However, I am convinced that we will be a good unit at IFAT, even if we occupy different booths.

    Speaking of unity, there are some products that are in both Brentwood’s program and ENXIO Water Technologies’ portfolio, for example for wastewater treatment. Will these products continue to be offered in parallel?

    McCorkle: Yes, a streamlining of the product portfolio is not necessary here. Some products serve the same purpose but address other markets. Brentwood is a specialist for PVC products, for example, which are in demand in our home market of North America and other regions of the world. ENEXIO Water Technologies, on the other hand, manufactures packing and packings from polypropylene, which is preferred in Europe and also in other areas. Therefore, functionally similar products made of different materials, such as those we offer for wastewater treatment, will continue to be available.

    What products or product lines does ENEXIO Water Technologies bring that were not in the Brentwood portfolio?

    McCorkle: A valuable addition are the sedimentation aids from ENEXO Water Technologies, the TUBEdek lamella separators. These are parallel plate separators composed of V-shaped profiles, which significantly increase the effective settling area in the basin.

    What products at the Brentwood stand can visitors to IFAT look forward to, which in turn round off the ENEXIO Water Technologies portfolio?

    McCorkle: We will be presenting scraper systems at IFAT, such as our SedVac sludge suction units and Polychem scraper chains.

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