BIOdek® vertical flow fills form vertical channels and have open interfaces. Thus the sludge of thick biofilms does not accumulate and solids are easily expelled. The fill’s reinforced edges increase the bearing capacity and give a high resistance to erosion.

Trickling filters and submerged fixed beds must have a balance between the new growth of biomass and the surplus sludge discharge. For higher organic loads due to strong growth of biomass, BIOdek® vertical flow fills have been designed. Their vertical channels in form of hexagon tubes facilitate the sludge discharge by water- or air flushing.

In all sewage treatment processes, the weight loads by biofilm and water as well as the fill depth have to be considered. Our fills can be designed for permanent loads up to 10.000 kg/m². The design procedure is TÜV certified.

Features of BIOdek® Fills

BIOdek® fills are resistant to rot, fungi and most dissolved chemicals. They are UV-stabilized. The fills are supplied as complete modules or – for bigger projects – as foils for assembly on site. Our welding technology is environmentally friendly as we do not need to use any solvent-containing adhesives.

Design and engineering support

Optimized operation parameters and a reactor configuration adapted to the fills increase the treatment efficiency. Make use of our experts’ long years of experience and contact us for design and engineering support.


Void ratio(%)>97%
Length max (mm)2400
Width max (mm)600
Standard height (mm)305 or 610
Continuous operation temperature (°C)7055
Max. operation temperature (short term) (°C)8060
NoteChannel diameter = 2x corrugation height
MaterialSpecific surface areaCorrugation heightApplication
m2/m3mmTrickling FilterSubmerged Fixed Bed
KVP318PP*15018Moderately polluted water – medium loadNitrification
KVP319/ 619**PP14019Moderately polluted water – medium loadNitrification / Carbonaceous Oxidation
KVP323/ 623PP*12523Strongly polluted water – high loadCarbonaceous oxidation
NotesThe first figure of the article number indicates the standard height, e.g. KVP 323 = standard height 305 mm, KVP 623 standard height 610 mm
* also available in PVC with max. operation temperature of 60 °C “Additional feature of KVP 319: Channels have horizontal connections

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