For high productivity in livestock breeding it is becoming more and more important to respond to the specific requirements of the species involved. This includes controlling air temperature in the stables. The air in stables needs cooling particularly in regions where high temperatures prevail. To this end, an evaporative condenser is used to humidify and cool the artificially generated air flow. We have developed HUMIPACKING®: a plastic component for evaporative coolers.

Our components for evaporative coolers feature:

  • Excellent cooling capacity
    The special surface properties of the polypropylene compound in combination with the element‘s geometry ensure a very good cooling capacity.
  • Easy to clean / long service life
    The use of welded, highly resistant polymer sheets (PP) allows the humidifying cooler to be cleaned without difficulty and without damaging the elements. In addition, the elements owe their durable mechanical strength to thermal welding of the sheets. The use of polymer material in combination with thermal welding guarantees a long service life.
  • Impermeable to light
    The element‘s geometry blocks out light.
  • Low pressure loss
    HUMIPACKING® elements are characterized by low pressure loss.
  • UV resistance
    The use of additives ensures outstanding resistance to UV light
Type KFP 158
Material Polypropylene (PP)

UV resistant

Specific surface area (m²/m³) ~ 320
Max. height (mm) 2.700
Max. width (mm) 600
Depth (mm) 150
Typical Applications – Cooling of poultry and pig farms

– Cooling of greenhouses

– Cooling of warehouses

– Domestic comfort cooling

– Air humidifying

We offer a complete system in addition to the individual HUMIPACKING® fills: the AGRIdek climate system.

The main component within this system is the HUMIPACKING® fill as a heat exchange medium. A sprinkler unit for the distribution of water across the pad and one or more pumps for the circulation of the water complete the system.

Quick cooling with low energy input

Within the system, air is brought into close contact with water; this evaporates and, in doing so, draws heat energy from the air. Excellent cooling power is generated thanks to the very large evaporation surface in the HUMIPACKING® fill. The deflector creates an ideal distribution of the water. The result: immediate cooling with low energy input.

Easy self-installation

The system is easy to fit. It is assembled using plug-and-click connections and is glued at the end. All functional parts are supplied. For the construction, a wooden frame is required which is mounted in the air intake section of the barn wall. The AGRIdek system is attached to this frame using U profiles.

With the exception of connections to the fresh water and electricity supply, no additional external power supply is required.

Long operating life

The AGRIdek system is particularly economical thanks to its low energy consumption and long operating life. The components are made of PVC, PP and stainless steel and are non-corrosive and resistant to most chemicals. Even hard water does not damage the equipment.The pumps are maintenance-free. A pump filter prevents any possible contamination of the water.


  • Simple:
    Simple fitting, low weight, simple operation, quick cleaning – generally with water
  • Durable:
    High corrosion and erosion resistance. Strong chemical and UV resistance suitable for hard water
  • Highly economical
    High cooling and sprinkling power. Low operating costs
  • Environmentally friendly
    as it is free of halogens and heavy metals

We offer innovative components and solutions for sustainable processes in heat exchange, water and wastewater treatment and mass transfer applications with respect for the environment. Our professional team works to increase productivity and cost effectiveness in your unique application. If you need a tailor made solution ... We are available for you!