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Efficient Solutions for water and air treatment

Brentwood Industries: solutions for environmental and cooling tower technologies

Our products can be found in water, wastewater and exhaust air treatment as well as in cooling towers. We started as a manufacturer of plastic internals used in biological and chemical-physical processes. Over the course of more than 40 years, we have acquired extensive knowledge in these fields and can therefore provide you with the best process engineering advice and support regarding the design and optimization of your plants.

Our international teams in Hürth and Wettringen as well as an extensive partner network serve our industrial and municipal customers around the world. Learn more about our solutions – straight from the experts for environmental and cooling tower technology!

Our solutions for drinking water and wastewater treatment

In the field of drinking water and wastewater treatment, we focus on biofilm and sedimentation processes.

Technical advancements have significantly improved the performance of modern trickling filters equipped with structured packings. Therefore, we are convinced that they can be beneficially used in many areas of the world – especially in regions with weak infrastructure. Read more about our trickling filters!

Lamella separators help to accelerate the settling process in primary and secondary clarification in wastewater treatment and after flocculation and precipitation in drinking water treatment. Our TUBEdek® lamellas also increase the settling area by up to 15 times the surface area, helping to save tank space. Learn more about TUBEdek® and about our solutions for sedimentation in wastewater treatment as well as for sedimentation in drinking water treatment.

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    Concepts for gas and exhaust air treatment

    We have transferred our experience in water treatment with trickling filters to the biological treatment of exhaust air, where we see great advantages in using biotrickling filters. With lower pressure loss, these achieve a much better performance than conventional biofilters. Click here for more information on biotrickling filters.

    In gas treatment, our MASSdek® structured packings offer a lot of benefits. They are used in gas and bio scrubbers and increase the performance of your scrubber. More information about MASSdek® packings…

    Solutions for environmental and cooling tower technology: our components

    Whether it is packings for cross-flow or counter-flow cooling towers, spray and trickle grids, droplet separators, air inlet elements or spray nozzles: we carry the full range. For a satisfactory cooling performance, all cooling tower internals should be matched to each other. We are happy to advise you on the right choice and combination of different packing types and other components. Contact us with your questions or read more about our range of cooling tower internals!


    Fernwasserversorgung Elbe-Ostharz about TUBEdek® lamellas

      "...After several years of operation we can confirm the excellent performance of the plant. We never had issues with maintenance and keeping the lamella clean."


      Fichtner Water & Transportation (Germany) about TUBEdek lamellasDesignation

      "As the water quality achieved was very good and the maintenance of TUBEdek was easy to handle we intend to use TUBEdek also for the new extension of the water treatment plant."


      WABAG Water Technology Ltd. (Switzerland)Designation

      "… we are buying your TUBEdek® Tubesettlers (all Types) since 15 years or more. Our customers have equipped plants from 100m3/d up to 10.000m3/d with TUBEdek®. … in all such plants TUBEdek fulfills fully our expectations."


      Tonka Water (USA) about TUBEdek lamellasDesignation

      "Additionally, GEA (now ENEXIO) provided excellent support in the design of the settling basion prior to the sale. This included recommended layout and configuration for the settler modules, as well assistance with design of the module support structure. They were very helpful and easy to work with."


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       – EWT´s Worldwide Availability

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       – Our continious R&D efforts

       – Our Expertise in Plastic Media Fills

       – Our Extraordinary Expertise in Biofilm

       – Our Partner Network all over the Globe

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      Our Projects

      Our expertise in the field of agricultural technology

      Air humidification and cooling for barns, blackout louvers, biogas treatment and barn exhaust air purification – we are here to inform you on these applications in agricultural technology. More information about Brentwood solutions for agricultural technology…

      Our brands – from the expert for environmental and cooling tower technology

      Our brands represent outstanding quality and reliability. Trust in our solutions:

      Our packings are made from foils that are extruded directly from the melt and embossed at the same time. Compared to production from flat foils and their subsequent forming, this process saves energy. Depending on the requirements, the centre and the edges of the foils can be extruded more strongly. Thus reinforced, they are more robust and – together with the welding process we have developed to connect the individual foils – this ensures particularly stable packings. Find out more details about our production…

      You can find an overview of our product portfolio here:


      Brentwood Europe: About us

      Our product portfolio shows: We are broadly positioned and offer the right solutions for a wide range of industries and applications. Thanks to our many years of experience, fast processing of our customers’ requests is guaranteed. As a customer, you benefit from Brentwood’s short internal decision-making paths, which allow all processes to be carried out quickly and without great effort. This also has the advantage that we can react to change requests at short notice. Above all, our mission is to work reliably and to deliver consistently high quality to our customers.

      6 reasons why you should choose us:

      • We have more than 40 years of experience in the field of development, production and application of plastic packings.
      • Our experts in environmental and cooling tower technologies tailor solutions to your project- and system-specific requirements and focus on sustainability.
      • We combine the customer proximity and agility of a family business with the financial strength of a large company – all to the benefit of our customers.
      • We have manufacturing capacities in more than 20 countries worldwide, ensuring rapid availability of the desired products.
      • We offer consistently high quality through an effective combination of automation and trained personnel as well as reproducibility of our solutions.
      • Continuous research and development are our hallmarks. Thus, we continuously set new benchmarks to discover tomorrow’s standards as today’s innovations.

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      We are happy to advise you on your specific case and develop individual, high-quality solutions. Simply contact us if you have any questions. We will be happy to assist you!

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      We offer innovative components and solutions for sustainable processes in heat exchange, water and wastewater treatment and mass transfer applications with respect for the environment. Our professional team works to increase productivity and cost effectiveness in your unique application. If you need a tailor made solution ... We are available for you!